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How Singapore companies can have extended back office capabilities and improve their profitability

Updated: Mar 4

Outsourcing is not a bad thing. It helps companies focus on what they are best at and also releases management time and financial resources to make investments in product innovation, marketing and customer satisfaction

China and India have a well established outsourcing industry operated by many small  medium and large outsourcing companies

With a vast talent pool of young graduates and postgraduates across a range of specializations, China and India offer a good option for Singapore companies to outsource their  back office across industries

With a significant difference in wages and cost of living, there is a cost arbitrage that cannot be ignored

With its huge English speaking and versatile population combined with its proximity to Singapore, India is a great place for Singapore companies to establish their back office

China offers SG companies with Chinese language capability and cultural similarities and business that may require this can also use the vast talent pool of China for their back office outsourcing

Outsourcing does not necessarily mean reducing the business size or head count . Singapore companies can easily set up a 100 percent foreign owned entity that can hire local employees in China and India to perform their back office functions

And SG companies that do not want to set up a business in China and India and yet want to take advantage of the resource pool and lower costs can work with service providers like Kankei

Kankei is an established and specialist outsourcing company that can manage various processes including those related to Supply Chain, Order Taking, Order Processing, Ecommerce operations and Customer Service

In addition to services above Kankei can provide SG companies with tasks like management reporting, cost reporting, purchase order tracking, accounts payable management and more

To know more about how Kankei can assist Singapore companies increase their profitability call Ajay on 83886673 or email or WhatsApp +8618813228742

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