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How much does it cost to set up a 10-seater call centre in Mumbai?

The best way to take steps towards customer service are as follows

  1. Create a Strategic Overall road map for customer care. This includes understanding business objectives, goals and targets. Understanding the consumers or businesses being targeted and the customer service needs these consumers or businesses may have over a period of time. Since customer service is a key part of building customer loyalty, there is a need for any company to create a good customer engagement experience through the customer lifecycle. The strategic plan should cover the objectives and have measurable customer satisfaction measures relating to the service centre experience

  2. Once the overall strategic plan is made, the company should set up the desired outcomes, service levels, languages, planned call volumes in terms of calls handled , technology to cover voice and non voice processes, quality management processes, business contingency plans and financial budgets and more

  3. Identify vendors who meet the requirements. Write out a detailed scope of work giving details of the types of vendors who qualify for the  making bids. Such qualification may be based on vendor experiences, financial strength, capabilities, sector expertise and more

  4. Bid out to them and get quotations. Part of this process is also to get client references and to speak to the vendors clients to get direct feedback about the vendor. Look for the pedigree and the management of the vendor beyond the experience and the pricing

  5. Get an in-house manager who will be responsible for co-ordination. Implementation of any outsourced project can be successful only if the company also takes part in the implementation. Having and experienced manager to manage the outsourcing partner is equally important in the success of the partnership

  6. Implement the set up with your partner. The most important part of a call centre operation is the successful implementation and ongoing quality improvement of the centre. This should be a top priority at all times

Call centres are usually a cost centre. It is important to have the budgets allocated before commencing on an implementation plan.

The costs and budgets depend on the city, though now most Tier 1 cities in India are almost at par when it comes to expenses.

We suggest the following budgets

  1. One time consulting fees Rs 6 lakhs . This will cover all the key points above

  2. Outsourced Call centre set up – One time Rs 2-4 lakhs

  3. Good quality ongoing Mumbai based call centre – approximately Rs 50 lakhs a year

  4. Cost of 1-800 lines and outbound calls extra

Overall, you can budget for a total of between Rs 50 lakhs to 75 lakhs for a year of customer service for your business.

Kankei is a specialist customer management services company . Our experience of over 20 years in India handling millions of calls and customers over the years has given us the required experience and knowledge required to enable new businesses take the right path to customer care.

The team at Kankei can be reached via phone on  +91 93-24-747575  and email

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