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How FMCG and pharmaceutical companies in India can outsource their consumer services helpline?

Updated: Apr 2

We have been handling consumer services for several FMCG, Pharmaceutical & Multi- National Firms since 2001.

In the current business environment, company managers have several market challenges ahead of them. Dealing with individual consumers, while a very important aspect, can be handled by third parties By creating a specialist outsourced consumer services team the company can create an effective way to handle consumer queries and to have them resolved on a timely basis.

The role of the consumer services response management outsourced partner can be outlined as below:

  1. Set up consumer helpline (Toll Free) , web chat & email response management & social media response management infrastructure.

  2. Hire and set up a team of consumer services specialists to manage the consumer services function

  3. Train the teams and set up quality management processes

  4. Set up reporting and analytics dash boards

  5. Operate all the consumer response management touch points – call center, email response, web chat, social media response and snail mail (Yes, people do write to companies)

Pharmaceutical companies can benefit from outsourcing their consumer services management to reliable service partners like Kankei. Kankei is headquartered in Mumbai, India and able to provide consumer services management for companies in India, USA, UK, Australia, Singapore and more To know more about Kankei write to us at or whatsapp +91 9324747575 or click here 

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