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How a brand can sell its wine coolers in India

Wine is a new and growing trend. The number of wine consumers in India is rapidly growing

While there are a handful of local wines, the imported selection is wide and plenty.

Your company  can promote the sale of its wine coolers in India in the following ways:

1.    Alliance with wine importers and distributors in India. Using their product packaging as a lead generation tool by accompanying it with information on wine coolers

2.    Targeted lead generation through telesales to the target audience

3.    B2B lead and sales to institutions that are potential customers

4.    Online content generation related to wine storage and care

5.    Builder and architect contact program to encourage including your brand in their recommendations

Kankei group can assist your company with the above initiatives.

To know more please give us an opportunity to  meet and share this and other ideas for the  future

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