Outbound Call Center Services

Tele-marketing is not a bad word. It is not about making spam calls or about disturbing consumers in their day to day life. Tele-marketing is a marketing technique that can be used effectively and with prior permission to contact customers.

The Do Not Call registry is set up to avoid nuisance calls. Yet consumers get calls from all kinds of individuals posing as certified call centres. Those calls are not from Kankei!

As a responsible and established Outbound Call center outsourcing company,  Kankei does not make outbound calls to individual consumers who are on the Do Not Call Registry. We are a registered call center and abide by all the rules and regulations governing call centres in India

Outbound telemarketing can be classified as following

  1. To Individual Consumers
  2. To Businesses

The relationship with the customer is also important to classify the types of calls being made

  1. To existing customers
  2. To new or prospect customers

Calls may further be classified based on permission

  1. Calls made to customers and consumers who have opted in
  2. Calls made to consumers who have not given their permission to be called

Kankei is an established outbound call center outsourcing company that has a reputation for integrity, quality and high focus on the customer.

We undertake outbound telemarketing only if it falls under one of the following categories

  1. B2B – Calls to businesses and companies where there is no restriction by the Do Not Call Registry
  2. B2C – To existing customers of our clients where the client has specific permission to make calls
  3. B2C – To prospective consumers who have opted in to receive a call – this could be through a response to a campaign like a Missed Call Campaign or to other campaigns where the consumer has provided their phone number to the client on whose behalf we call
  4. B2C – Members of a program like a loyalty or membership program run by our clients wherein we need to make outbound calls to inform members about promotions and other matters
  5. B2E – Outbound calls to employees wherein they have to informed about specific information from the company e.g. for Insurance company field agents
  6. Event Support and Enrolment – to call prospects to invite them for a company event or for a trade show that they may have evoked interest in
  7. Outbound telesurveys that have customers who have agreed to be a part of a survey
  8. Service tracking – to consumers who have been provided a service and are being called to check their satisfaction with the service
  9. Customer Product Review Collection

Kankei does not provide cold calling services that require calls to be made to consumers who have not opted in to receive calls

We provide our customers with specialist outbound contact for specific initiatives. We do not provide any cold calling services unless prospects have specifically pre-opted in a program being run by the brand. Outbound contact includes

Outbound telemarketing campaigns undertaken by us usually would be in the following areas

  1. List building and database development
  2. Database clean up and validation
  3. Loyalty Program related calls
  4. Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  5. Welcome calls for new customers
  6. Customer On boarding
  7. Response to customer enrolment in marketing and brand activation campaigns
  8. Order taking and verification
  9. Telesurveys and service tracking
  10. Contact of prospects to get their permission to send them direct mail
  11. Event invitations
  12. Recording of Customer Reviews for Online Stores and eCommerce

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Kankei is an experienced customer engagement services company covering consumer and trade programs for several large multinational and domestic brands. Established in 1998, Kankei works with its clients as a partner who seeks to provide a solution towards the end result.

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